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Provide one stop source of information about Ethiopian
history, its people, culture, faith, languages, science, health,
environment, soil/water conservation, and renewable energy.

United we stand, divided we fall


A center where Ethiopians and other folks come for information about the country, its culture, history, its people and their way of life.


Ethiopian Languages

Amharic is one of the widely used languages in Ethiopia.  It has been the language of instruction in the country  for centuries. It has  unique alphabets.  It is only used in Ethiopia.  It originated from the  ancient Language of Geez.

Amharic has 33 alphabets including consonants and vowels.  It is unique in that by adding strokes at various locations on  the consonant, one create vowel effect. Some of the consonants like 

Ethiopia has its own numbering system which has been widely used in government, literature and in religion particularly in the Orthodox and Moslem faiths for thousands of years.  Like the Amharic language it is unlike any other world numbering system.


Ethiopian Holdays-2013

መስቀል -finding of the true Cross

Ethiopian Calendar

Ethiopia has a unique calendar. It differs from the Gregorian calendar by 8 years, 8 months and 8 days.
Its new year falls in the month of September between September 9-11 depending on when leap year falls. It is now the year 2013.

Tourists & hikers paradise

The country of 13 months of sunshine .


Ethiopia, the home of the rare Walyia Ibex, mountain baboons, rare birds. Tourists have a lot to explore

From the towering 4th century Axumite Stele to the 12th century Lalibela centuries long monolithic rock hewn churches to the majestic 17th century Gonder castles, to the 11 + centuries old island monasteries on Lake Tana and much more...

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