I always thought all rivers flow South. Boy, was I wrong. There are 9 rivers (USA), 2 rivers (CA), 3 rivers (Russia), 1 (Europe), 3 (South America) and one (East Africa). Of these the longest rivers are the Nile, 4258 miles, Lena (Russia), 2755 miles, Yenisey River (Russia), 2136 miles long. St Johns River of USA is 310 miles long and Athabasca river of Canada is 765 miles long.

The Nile

The most famous river that flows north is also the longest river in the world: the Nile, which passes through 11 different countries in northeastern Africa. The Blue Nile river that originates from the Lake Tana, North-west Ethiopia and White Nile that originates from Southern Sudan are the two main major tributaries. These two rivers join each other near Khartoum (capital of Sudan) and become the Nile River that flows North to the Mediterranean Sea.

The Blue Nile flows south first as it picks up numerous tributaries left and right from Lake Tana and the Sudanese border. Those on its left bank, in downstream order, include the (Wanqa, Bashilo, Walaqa , Wanchet, Jamma, Muger, Guder, Agwel, Nedi, Didessa Dabus) Rivers.  On the right side, include the (Handassa, Tul, Abaya, Sade, Tammi, Cha, Shita, Suha, Muga, Gulla, Temcha, Bachat, Katlan, Jiba, Chamoga, Weter and Beles) rivers.  The Nile travels approximately 900 miles in Ethiopia before it crosses the Sudanese border.